Eat, drink, shop, do.

Your go-to spots. Your friends' favorites. The critics' picks.

What the shell is Crabbr?

We’re here to help you get out of your shell in a pinch:

  • Find a place to eat, drink, or go out in less than 10 seconds
  • Plan a full night out in less than 2 minutes
  • Map a full vacation in less than 10 minutes
Crabby the Crab - Our Mascot

Crabby the Crab - Our Mascot

What Can I do Now?

Find spots in an instant

In a new neighborhood? Skip the clunky filters and sorting and swiping – just pull up Crabbr, enter a search term, or simply browse what’s nearby. You’ll find an expert-recommended spot in an instant.

Save and share your local faves

No matter if it’s a new discovery or your neighborhood go-to, keep track of all your local favorites and easily share them with friends, family and visitors from out of town. Leave stale email lists and shared docs behind.

Unearth hidden gems

Follow your favorite food critics and Instagram influencers on Crabbr to see their top spots on your map. You can also subscribe to your friends’ accounts, too – even those that aren’t Insta-famous.

How does it work?

Brian the Brain - Our Algorithm

Brian the Brain - Our Algorithm

Crabbr is a new kind of recommendations platform. Instead of spending minutes scrolling through endless, unreliable lists of restaurants and bars – or spending hours planning the perfect vacation – we do the work for you.

We’ve curated the most trusted food, drink and travel reviewers around. Their recommendations – from the top taco stands to stellar steak houses – are grouped into “shells.” You can create your own shells and share those with friends, and you can subscribe to their accounts to see their favorite spots, too.