Hiking ?‍♀️

Hiking ?‍♀️

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Bear Mountain State Park

"Really great hikes. The trail with the steps near the main center is great but gets crowded on the weekends. Go early to avoid the crowds heading up. Consider cutting up on the rocks instead of just walking the trail that zig zags up the streets (following the road takes forever). Make sure you download the trail map before you arrive - service is not great up there."

Wawayanda Mountain

"Beautiful trail around the perimeter of the lake. Fairly flat but a great hike. Watch out for flooding from rain a few days prior. Sneakers were soaked from the trail. We tried to cross the river but it was too deep so we backtracked and found a manmade bridge but it was still an adventure getting across it. The information station thought it would have water would have subsided but it hasn’t keep an eye on the weather and be aware. Totally worth it! Very pretty and peaceful."

Delaware Water Gap

"This is a great spot. Really scenic beautiful views. Fun climbing and different terrain up the trails. Try heading up to Sunfish Pond. Nice little peaceful area - and swimming available if you’re into that as a refresher before heading back down."