The Fritzie Guide to Mexico City

The Fritzie Guide to Mexico City

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My favorite neighborhood in Mexico City is Roma Norte, which is right next to Condesa. It's a little rough around the edges, but has some of the most beautiful colonial architecture. It's evolved similarly to Williamsburg in that a bunch of artists started to move in and opened great bars, restaurants and shops, but it's prettier than Williamsburg and still has a lot of local artisans at the flea markets and farmers markets. Lots of local boutique shopping along Orizaba with lots of good finds from Mexican indie designers. Condesa is a more polished version of Roma Norte. It's been considered trendy for a long time and has good eats and cute hotels. It can be hard to tell where Roma Norte ends and Condesa begins. Polanco isn't far off and is the more commercialized high-end district. Think 5th Ave or SoHo. Some decent restaurants, but you won't find much that you can't find in the U.S. Beyond those three, most of the stuff you'll want to see is scattered all over the city and D.F. is really, really big with a mega traffic problem, so prepare to account for that. Remember - take the good ubers because they're cheap (I think it's still called Uber Black?)! Avoid traditional taxis if you can. They'll be quick to scam you. Less quick to kidnap you, but it does happen occasionally. Kidnapping is weirdly a thing in Mexico, though I've never been kidnapped and I'm pretty reckless. AND DON'T DRINK THE WATER! USE BOTTLED WATER TO BRUSH YOUR TEETH! MOCTEZUMA'S REVENGE IS REAL AND IT IS BAD! Water is fine for washing your hands and showering.


Points of Interest


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Delirio Mónica Patiño

" Monica Patino's farm-to-table-ish restaurant. It's good, but there can be a wait, so anticipate that. Decent for brunch especially."

Máximo Bistrot

" This place was the hot-shit spot for a while, but the excitement should have since died down so that you can get a table. Also a farm-to-table joint. It's actually delicious. I can't hate on it for being popular."

Farmacia Internacional

" SEAFOOOOD TACOOOOS!!!! A casual lunch spot."


" They make sushi, which sounds weird for Mexico, but the fish is actually super fresh and comes in from Baja. I in no way endorse spending your limited time in Mexico not eating Mexican food, but the stomach sometimes needs a rest."

Barbacoa El paisano

" This is the most Mexican thing you can do, and I'll admit it's not for everyone. On the weekends, it's pretty typical for Mexican families to go out for a barbacoa brunch. The meat is cooked in a traditional buried pit-style during the week by the family that owns it and they're typically only open on the weekends. It's really delicious and every time I go to Mexico I try to have at least one weekend day on my itinerary just so I can get barbacoa at El Paisano. It's unlikely you'll see any tourists or find anyone that speaks English here, so be prepared for that. The place doesn't even have a website and the only link I could find was to foursquare."

El Cardenal

" There are a couple of these around the city. The one I've gone to most often is in a random Hilton hotel, but it's not perceived as much of hotel restaurant. Locals light this place up for breakfast pretty regularly. They're best known for their traditional frothy Mexican hot chocolate, but I'm pretty partial to their green juice. Expect a high end version of a traditional Mexican breakfast. A good move is to have breakfast here and then head over to the Palacio de Bellas Artes since it's in walking distance."

El Moro

" The OG churro spot. It is delicious. There will probably be tourists. You should not care."

Tacos Don Juan

" The facebook picture of the family that runs it says it all. Old school and very delicious."

La Casa Del Pastor Masaryk

" This is a family favorite. Birthdays, funerals, bad days and good...for whatever reason we've been going here for years. The place is nothing fancy or interesting to look at, but the service is great and so are the tacos."

To Drink

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"Mezcal and tequila joint. It can vary between chill and packed on any given night. It's open pretty late (till 4am I think?)"

Luis Moya 31

"Called El Bosforo Also a Mezcal bar. Tucked away on a side street. Don't be scared. It calls itself a dive bar, but it's a dive bar in a kind of sometimes-hipster way."

Licorera Limantour

" Cocktails. The kind they probably take too seriously, but the bartenders are legit."


" Part bar, part dance club. It can go from really fun to really cheesy in no time flat, so it's kind of luck of the draw. Kind of reminds me of Home Sweet Home in that way."

The Opera

" It's kind of a tourist trap, but old AF and kind of majestic. Worth stopping by for a bit of tequila. And it's in the historic center, so a good spot to take a break."


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Frida Kahlo Museum

" aka the Frida Kahlo museum. Gotta pay your respects to one of the OG feminists."

Palacio de Bellas Artes

"Classic Mexican artworks, including murals by Diego Rivera. The building itself is stunning in its own right. You can buy tickets to the Ballet Folklorico here, too. It's a short walk to El Zocalo from here if you want to check that out, but hang on to your wallet because pickpockets don't mess in El Zocalo."

Bosque de Chapultepec

" Giant park with all kinds of crap. Like Central Park on steroids. There's a castle and some monuments and boats and maybe rides and a zoo if I recall correctly? It's closed on certain days, so just double check before you go."

Soumaya Museum

" A small but really pretty private museum in a very impressive building. My uncle once weirdly abandoned me and Josh and my friend Ruby here, which is the only reason I know it exists."

Chapultepec Castle

"Ballet Folklorico outdoors at the castle at Chapultepec I don't know if they do this all year, but I love dance and there's something really beautiful about the way the castle is lit up at night and the dancers in their bright colors telling the story of Mexico. I'm a nerd. I cried when I watched it. Normal people probably don't do that."

Teotihuacan Pyramids- Botanical Gardens

" There are pyramids. It's crazy. Also hot. Very hot. They're very cool, but it's about a half day trip outside the city."